Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Life Changing

Recently a friend of mine directed me to this website: http://www.femalefreedom.ca/

And my life changed forever.

Basically this product is hilarious (albeit useful). It is called the P-Mate, and simply put it lets girls pee standing up! So guys, you may not quite realize the epic win this really is, because let's face it you have the P-Mate v. 1.0, and have never had to deal with pulling off your entire wardrobe when in a tight spot.

The P-Mate is like a cardboard funnel, which is easily placed under your hooha (why I am resorting to strange euphemisms, I don't know) if you just move your panties, and stick the other end out of your shorts/jeans/skirt, pointing where ever you want.

Amazing, huh? No more wet shoes or clothes, awkward squatting, or finding the most remote place possible to pee! I mean it is great for camping, for people like me who go running outdoors, and best of all for drunk girls leaving clubs!

The product is based in Canada, but I am sure it will make it's way down south, or at least will be ripped off by another manufacturer! The P-Mate is biodegradable, made of recycled material, can be folded up, and doesn't get soggy. Basically it is perfect.

Hey! Maybe now we can experience the joy of writing our names in the snow!!!

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  1. We also have these in the UK, here it's called SheWee