Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some of my Favorite Scribbles

Apparently I also write snatches of thought down when I can't sleep. I wouldn't call them incomplete, but definitely too personally linked by stream of conscious to be readily relateable. Some are half poetry. Here are some of my faves.

"Shadows of pens tell
quick tales which the
hands that hold them
could never write"

"Holding large bundles successfully, but dropping small items and having to awkwardly bend down is mankind's true burden."

"Viewing human legs as one would an antelope makes me wonder why we are so fat (as a species)"

"Someone placed two fingers
on my throat and pushed.
There it is again.
This is when believing in
Greek myths becomes appropriate,
when crying."


Dark rims close off
that burst of green,
without which the ceiling would rot.
Tempered under clean cerulean,
gasping, sprinting to water.
One note reverberates on scraped skin.
The last strain killed,
dull eyes quit.

[Also found in my dear insomnia notebook. This one feels too normal(i.e forced), but considering it is partly about straining for inspiration- oh no i gave myself away- I guess that's appropriate.]

Poem found in notebook, untitled

Unlashed from the mast,
cocky with Grin-
Only to tottle starboard,

Hope relegated to knuckles,
white flashes shock closed eyes.
The Moment awaits,
grinning in return.

[Quickly scribbled at one point in the day when I was around a specific person. About us all (oh growing up) as well as our(my) uncanny ability to both be interested in someone and hope for a certain extent of failure to go their way. I didn't want to title this one. Surprised at my own staccato form, I must have been super involved.]