Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fake Movies I Nerdily Pine For

So I admit it: I'm a nerd. Maybe not a dweeb or spaz, who knows- but I have a few fascinations which are awkward to try to explain and I think that is all that is required. Once you catch yourself squealing (internally of course) in glee over these following trailers, there is no going back.

First, and probably the oldest of these is The Legend of Zelda trailer

I have to admit it is a bit cheesy, especially once you see the little hat on Link who apparently is Michael Cera's doppelganger, but STILL! I was never great at Zelda considering I just played around on my brother's Nintendo64 (I spent ages trying to get out of that stupid Great Deku Tree!) but I loved the game and it was an exciting little part of my childhood. Now I sort of want to spend the summer tyring to beat the Ocarina of Time, too bad the only game here is the stupid FF X which I lost the game card of all my play on. But yes the trailer is fake :( An independant film was made, which I saw the trailer for and found it a mix between hilariously bad and depressing bad, so I'm not goign to post it, but it can be found at

Next is a super short one put together for a Green Lantern movie.

I was severely dissapointed when I realized that this wasn't real; althoguh it really just took the first notes of Lux Aeterna to make me doubt the clip. Apparently the creator used bits from the likes of Transformers, Daredevil, and Smallville of all things.

A more complex trailer for Green Lantern:

This is some pretty great editing I have to say, but obviously when you can pick out clips from Star Trek, it is a bit hard to suspend your disbelief for a glimmer of hope :) There are in fact a lot of goings on about when a GL movie will be made and there are ideas being tossed around. This site follows that progress:

The last trailer I have to show, and one which makes me sooo mad for being obviously phoney is this Thundercats movie trailer

The guy who made this did some pretty intense work. Each frame was individually photoshopped and then the clip run through Premiere! As an artgraphics dabbeler that gives me a sympathy migraine. In reality there is concept work going on for a thundercats movie as well. To see the actual facts on that there is this website:

So yes. This was me practicing humility by exposing my geeky tendencies. Don't lie, they so gave you goosebumps.


  1. They are, in fact, making a Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds slated for 2011.

  2. Yes, strangely enough I read about that like 30 min after I posted this :)