Thursday, November 12, 2009

Modern Musicianship

Let me introduce you to Ronald Jenkee, an amazing, fun, talented musician.
When I first heard Jenkee, one of his tunes was playing in the background of a LikeTotallyAwesome vid I was perusing. Of course, the song stuck to the point where I had to go back on to youtube and see if I could figure out where the track came from. Thankfully Mr. Defranco cites his background jamz.
If you haven't gone to Jenkee's Chanel yet, please do! He has two CDs out, but is yet to be signed, but using youtube and social networking sites in this case has turned out to be a great thing for this guy. He is kind of odd, but totally endearing, just the type of personality people on teh internetz jump on board for. Also, throw in the fact that he donates proceeds from certain songs to charity, and you have quite the winning combination. (oh yeah and i suppose being talented doesn't hurt, whatev)
He is a self-taught keyboardist and is very personal, reading and replying to EVERY message he receives. So if you have any questions for the man, hit him up.
Well, here are two of his songs:

So yes, I like him.
And I think he is a really great example not only of how musicians today can pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but how almost anyone can. It makes me think of the pilot episode of Glee where Rachel, the unpopular talented girl, says she posts a a video on myspace every day, because if you aren't relevant, you might as well be dead. So yes, irony for all us self-indulgent twitter using-facebook status updating-blogging youth. But obviously Ronald is not one of these types. If we wanted to characterize his cuteness in a sentence, every word would be abbreviated.

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